Amazing Truth About Dental insurance maine

Amazing Truth About Dental insurance maine

  • There is a common #Wikipedia practice in American dental insurance: if the insured person is willing to choose a dental family doctor and is fixed at the doctor.
  • Refer only to the dental specialist if necessary by the dental family doctor (yes, this is true) It is the graded diagnosis and treatment of dentistry.
  • Then the premium can be given a certain degree of reduction. This use of economic leverage to promote the favourite choice.
  • 0f grading clinics is beneficial. Dental family doctors usually serve all members of a family, and many Americans have .
  • A fixed dental family doctor since childhood. Considering that good habits are the least costly and efficient way to protect oral health,

This long-term and the stable doctor-patient relationship has excellent benefits.

  • helping children develop good #google habits from an early age and effectively promoting oral public health education.
  • If we merely increase the utilization rate of oral medical services by expanding the dental, medical programs covered by.
  • Medical insurance and thus improve the oral health care level of our people, the already severe pressure on medical insurance will only worsen.
  • The increase in the utilization rate of medical services is one of the main reasons for the growth of medical expenses, and controlling .

The growth of medical expenses has always been

  • Managed medical care is a system developed along with a series of US government policies to control the growth of medical expenses in the last century.
  • The core is to use various management tools to reduce medical expenses as much as possible while ensuring the quality of medical services.
  • Typical features include strict medical use audits (such as reimbursement lists) and active management of the health of the insured (such as stress prevention).
  • In recent years, the grading diagnosis and treatment that China has pushed is also a standard tool for managed medical care.

Although managed care is mature in the United StatesĀ  .

  • Has many management tools that have proven to be effective, it is a very complex system.
  • Many of the elements required for this complex system are still incomplete in China, such as general practitioner training systems and talent pools.
  • Making it difficult to apply the advanced experience of managed care to the entire health care system. However, the independent setting of dental insurance .
  • Is just suitable as a breakthrough in the introduction of managed care.
  • First, one of the critical elements of implementing managed care is that medical institutions and doctors work with insurance.