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Deferral is thousand so ameritas dental that means that there’s another seven thousand dollars that you could be putting into your employee salary deferral in your ameritas dental k and then in addition to that your employer’s tripping in another six thousand so once you contribute as .

ameritas dental
ameritas dental

An employee salary deferral and your employer contributes that same six assuming that your you’ve already reached your employer max then that means that you would then be contributing a total of thousand dollars every year to your workplace

Then in addition to that because you have a side you can set up retirement accounts through your side business so you can open up a k through that side hustle and contribute to a solo k through your side business so you can contribute to both.

Your employer-sponsored k as well as your solo k setup through your side business and then finally you could just old-fashioned pay off all your debt you mentioned that you have two homes two mortgages no one ever went wrong paying off .

Their mortgage so when in doubt when you’re not sure what else to do that’s always an option that you can fall back on and I know that there are people who are gonna argue like yeah but does that really make sense you could do so much more with .

The money or get better returns if you invested it but here’s the thing paying off your mortgage does not mean that you are signing a blood oath to never take out a mortgage again if you pay off your mortgage and then the following week you decide .

That you want to access money for another investment well guess what you can take out a cash out refine you on that paid off.