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I simply then take my mold dental insurance no waiting and match it up to the patient and this I feel gives you a true starting point for a tooth that’s actually¬†dental insurance no waiting¬† right for that patient honestly select.

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The teeth the way you’d like to but I think this works pretty well so I’ve got my my portrait IPN Molde Shaye’s another story since this is a simplified technique .

I don’t use a full range of shades to select teeth for dentures I do for partials but not for dentures I actually have cut my shape guide down into what is that seven different shades a couple of power whites and .

I used I like the a shades and I simply give it to the patient and ask them to select the tooth color that they want usually they’ll pick a one power white maybe a two rarely a three certainly not a four but what I found is that patients never complain about shade they selected it they’re happy with it they’re proud of it in their denture okay .

we just finished appointment one um patients dismissed the impressions the measurements that you took and your mold and shade for to selection are sent to your laboratory so we’re now at lab one what you’re gonna do or.

what your laboratory is gonna do in flap in lab one is make this digital working model it’s uh consists of a maxillary denture and a mandibular denture with teeth held in wax positioned using the measurements.

that you determine appointment one let me show you how it’s done first the impression is scanned we’re not going to make a cast for this as pure it’s purely digital so they scammed the impression.

that could be done locally or it could be done in with in Phoenix then a working model based on your impressions and to selection and tooth positions are milled or printed at