Dental Insurance plans no waiting period

The Best Dental Insurance plans no waiting period


  • Dental Insurance plans no waiting period said that his health insurance covers all the types of treatment and diseases he had previously had.
  • He had already suffered from excessive hypertension, which is a severe disease causing death at any time.
  • He added that his illness requires him to change the types of treatment on a semi-monthly basis according to progress or delay of his condition.
  • Which makes it difficult from time to time in providing some types of treatment not available in his health insurance, which forces him to buy.
  • Them from abroad at a price of 500 dirhams While his income does not exceed 2500 dirhams per month, calling for the need to include insurance types of treatment.

Especially medicines for chronic diseases that patients can not dispense with.


  • Impose fines on the health insurance card for one day delay, noting that the health insurance, which amounted to an annual value of 600 dirhams, when the delay in the renewal of 300 dirhams per week.
  • renewing the cards since the end of the period and not after the delay period, despite payment of the fine, calling on the responsible parties to take care of this matter through .
  • The re-evaluation of holders of health insurance cards with low return, and review the distribution of segments and categories of insurance thoroughly.


  • He explained that his health insurance does not include all hospitals. Some hospitals have only health insurance. He does not have the choice of going to any health center or hospital.
  • He also said that his health insurance, which does not include the treatment of accidents or surgeries, Where do I go when I am in a sudden crash or have to undergo surgery, I have only God to address him in this case.

Dental Insurance plans

  • Another aspect of the health insurance system is getting sick leave through health insurance cards,” said Abdel Nasser Ibrahim and Amin Zeini.
  • Frankly, the size of my sick leave was not before I had a health insurance card, as now, It is so easy that anyone can get sick leave with no minor pain.