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Dental insurance maine | Dentist insurance plans

Dental insurance maine | Dentist insurance plans

  • Dental insurance maine I have no corporate insurance, alas. So I looked for the policy myself. Determining for me was the “dental package”.
  • I was interested in both  Dental insurance maine planned (preventive) and unplanned (sudden toothache) treatment, as well as denture prosthetics.
Dental insurance maine
Dental insurance maine
  • I called the top ten companies – leaders rankings in the field of health insurance.
  • As it turned out, most of them do not insure individuals and only work with the corporate sector.
  • Individual insurance offered only three SC: Providna, UNIKA and INGO Ukraine.

In each of them I looked at two policies.

  • The first is the recommendation of the insurance agent based on my wishes for services and price.
  • The second is a policy with the largest limit on dentistry.

This is what happened.

  • For registration of insurance, you will need a passport and identification code.
  • To sign the contract will have to fill out a declaration on the state of health.
  • In fact, this is a questionnaire, in which you need to answer in detail several questions: indicate the diseases that were previously ill.
  • chronic ailments and disability, if any, etc. Consultants recommend not to dissemble in this case, since at the first insurance event the examination will show the real state of the patient.

Any specified untruth can become an occasion.

  • It will operate throughout Ukraine. That is, if I fall ill, resting, for example, in Odessa, then they will .
  • Be cured there too. The company works with private and public hospitals and pharmacies. In total, more than 2000 institutions.
  • 800 of which in Kiev. The level of the medical institution depends on the policy class. There are seven of them in “Providable” for individuals.
  • The cheapest Clasik works only with state and departmental hospitals, private clinics appear in Elite, and VIP guarantees the services of even branded